So Savoeun

With one of the most distinctive voices in all of Cambodian music, So Savoeun was a popular female singer during the 60s and 70s, and she has continued to make music for many years.  Specializing in slower romantic and sad songs, her beautiful, deeply soulful and penetrating voice leaves the listener emotionally saturated.
So Savoeun Live from Cambodia in the early 80s
(clip from a documentary)

So Savoeun was one of the most popular female singers in Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge took over Phnom Penh in April of 1975.  Her many fans appreciated the level of feeling that she put into every song, whether rock and roll or traditional Khmer music.  She was frequently paired with the male singer/comedian Meas Samon - in their many duets together, both singers would impress audiences with their emotional and meaningful deliveries.

Of the many great musicians living before the communist take-over, So Savoeun is one of the very few to have survived the next four years.  She fled to Thailand before the Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh, and then made her way to France with her husband.  Today, she continues to live just outside of Paris.
Jeith Khmai Min Lognon Klov - Savoeun & Samon

Even now, So Savoeun is still singing.  Sharing her beautiful voice with the world, she has perfomed in France, Cambodia and the United States, and probably some other places too.  (One visitor to this site was lucky enough to see her perform live in New York City during the 1990s.)  So Savoeun is also featured in a new French documentary called "Les Artistes Khmers", a short film about Khmer artists now living in France.  (I am currently working on getting a copy of this film - when I do, I will try to let people know how to get it.)

If anybody has any more information or images of this great singer, please contact me.

So Savoeun - Les Artistes Khmers
So Savoeun & Les Artistes Khmers Co-Producer

her music

So Savoeun Solo
So Savoeun Duets
Derm Kor Kee 
Komrong Pka Muy 
Neak Poan 
Oh Po Pich Chiep
Orh! Pka Ler Maek
Pleang Kjol Savaran 
Pleang 100 Meh
Roeung Snaeh Khnyom
Siat Popich Porm Pka
Snaeha Tleak Tik Lou 
Steung Sen Paris 
Yerng Rorm Teng Oss Knea
Dek Tgnai Somchai Tok Yub 
So Savoeun & Meas Samon
Jeith Khmai Min Lognon Klov
So Savoeun & Meas Samon
Ka Ek Bowl 
So Savoeun & Meas Samon
Oy Ter Ban 
So Savoeun & Sisamouth
Rolem Thok Thok
So Savoeun & Meas Samon
Srey Sros Komlos Jreim 
So Savoeun & Meas Samon

Ba Lay Lia - Savoeun & Sisamouth



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