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Fan Pages/Free Music

Khmer Music Revival
A Classic Khmer Music Fan Page

Khmer Radio Sitya
Fan Page, with cool images and original songs from original vintage Cambodian records

Sin Sisamouth Fan Page
A great page about Sinn Sisamouth, one of many pages for great Khmer signers of the past

Khmer Future
Free Khmer Music and Karaoke videos, a great resource

MyKhmer - Oldies Music
Good Selection of Free Sisamouth and other Khmer Oldies

Khmer Music Shops

Khmer Rocks
Over 2000 Sisamouth songs, a Giant Selection of Khmer Music
Another Good and Cheap Selection of Khmer Music

Khmer Original Oldies
A new website with a nice selection of cheap and unedited Khmer music
The Web's best selection of Khmer Karaoke DVDs

Films About Khmer Music

The Golden Voice
Beautiful Short Film about Ros Sereysothea, winner of best short film Cambo-fest 2007 - Preview on the videos page (Now available on DVD)

Don't Think I've Forgotten
Documentary Film about the Khmer Rock Scene of the 60's and 70's - Preview on the videos page

Sleepwalking Through the Mekong
A documentary film about Dengue Fever's journey and concert tour in Cambodia, a homecoming for singer Chhom Nimol and a spiritual odyssey for the rest of the band as they perform with master musicians and record new songs along the way.

Articles About Sinn Sisamouth

Biography of Sinn Sisamouth
This is an in depth biography of Sisamouth, the primary source for the biography on this site.

Sinn Sisamouth Death Story
A greart article about the death of Sinn Sisamouth, another source that I used to write the biography on this site.

Some Other Links
Cambodia... A Tribute
This page describes and provides audio samples of some of the most popular rhythms used in Cambodian music.

Dengue Fever
Los Angeles based rock band who play some Cambodian oldies and Sereysothea covers

Documentation Center of Cambodia
This group works to raise awareness about the Cambodian genocide.  They have a chilling collection of Khmer Rouge songs perfomed by some of the great singers of the era.
This is a micro-finance co-op, where regular people team up to loan small amounts of money to small business owners in poor countries.  Often, a few hundred dollar loan can make a big difference to someone runnng a small family business in a country like Cambodia.  Just $25 can be a significant part of a life changing loan for the person that you select.