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While Pan Ron was the second lady of Khmer music during the the 60s and 70s, little is known about her life.  What we know of her comes from her music, a delightful mix of the playful and the soulful.  During her life she created a great treasure - hundreds of songs, many of which she both wrote and performed.  Tragically, her career and life was cut short; she is not known to have survived the Khmer Rouge years.

During the late 60s and early 70s, Pan Ron was the second most famous and popular female singer in Cambodia.  She had some success in the early 60s, but her career really took off when she began recording with Sinn Sisamouth in 1966.  After that, she had many hits, sometimes singing alone, but often paired with Sisamouth, Meas Samon, Ros Serysothea, or some of the other stars of the era. ___ Pen Ran
Pan Ron Photo ____ Along with these other artists, Pan Ron was instrumental in the creation and popularization of the thriving Cambodian rock and roll scene of the 60s and 70s.  Khmer musicans of the era were influenced by western rhythm & blues, rock n' roll and music from Latin America.  Musicians like Sinn Sisamouth studied these musical styles while travelling abroad, and many Cambodians were also hearing these songs on US Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War.
Artists like Pan Ron took these genres of music and combined them with classic Khmer music to produce a new sound - Cambodian rock 'n roll.  With her singing, she infused these songs with her electric spirit, both crazy and cool, soulful and fun.  Perhaps more than any other female singer of the time, Pan Ron embodied the spirit of this new Cambodian rock music.  The reason is simple - She rocks! ___
Pan Ron Picture ____ The Cambodian rock 'n roll scene ended on April 17, 1975, the day the communists took over Phnom Penh.  Along with nearly all the singers of the 60s and 70s, Pan Ron did not survive their genocidal rule.  But the Khmer Rouge failed to silence Pan Ron - her powerful voice lives on, a priceless treasure to Cambodia and the world that will last forever.



her music

Paen Ron Album Sinn Ros & Ron Khmer Trio Pan Ron Sitya
Pan Ron Solo
_____ _____
Bondam Tunle Buon Mouk
Chnam Oun 31
Chror Lom Pdey Keh 
Jom Nor Trocheak 
Jub Ter Bros Kbot
Kam Peah
Kdao Tngay Min Smoe Kdao Chit 
Komlos Lan Krahorm 
Kon Long Pnhei Kluon 
May Maiy Sabay Jet
Meta Own Pong 
Min Jong Skarl Teh Kdey Snaeha
Min Sok Chit Te 
Mjass Chenda
Mtay Kaun
Oun Skol Chet Bong Srey
Pka Sondun
Preah Paey Popok 
            Preah Paey Popok 
Pros Chang Reiy
Pros Reang Yeh Yeh
Reatrey Nov Pailin
Rom Ago Ago
Rom Jongvak Twiss
Rom Rom Rom
Rom Som Leis Keh
Sabay Avey Mles 
Sday Chit Del Sralanh 
Sein Kmas Keh 
Snaeh Krom Mlob Chhrey
Somleng Kmous Kah
Sour Ey Sour Jos 
Tgai Na Bong Tomne
Tgnai Nis Reabka Khynom 
Tonsa Mok Pi Na 
Veal Smoa Khiev Kchey 
Cambodian Folk Songs Khmer Rocks - Female Duets Sinn, Ros, Ron
Pan Ron Duets

Ahnet Oun Phorng Pdei Euy
Pan Ron & Eng Nary
Bondaet Kbone Laeng 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Brojum Knea Rom Sabay (Original)
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Cer Chaet Chol Chnam 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Deing Eiy Teh Bong 
Pan Ron & Meas Samon
Jole Jroke Sin Nean 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Lit Ondat Chea Bakse 
Pan Ron & Eing Nary
Pas Da Ban Heiy 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Smak Oun Mouy
Pan Ron, Sothea & Sisamouth
Snea Douch Jeung Meik 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Soom Gneak Mok Niss
Pan Ron, Sothea & Sisamouth
Srey Chnas Bros Chnerm 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Srorlanh Srey Nas 
Pan Ron & In Yeng
Tgnai Jey Nak Phnom 
Pan Ron & Tet Somnang
Tov Suprise Mdong
Pan Ron & Sereysothea
Trov Bong Sleak Kbin 
Pan Ron & Sisamouth

Khmer Rocks Pan Ron Khmer Rocks Pan Ron 2



Rom Ago Ago - Pan Ron
(edited archival footage of Pan Ron)

Jung Bahn Gue Snaeh - Pan Ron
(with English Translation)
Snaeh Doch Jerng Maik - Pen Ron & Sinn Sisamouth
Yub Niss Oun Tuw Rok Bong - Pan Ron

Rom Rom Rom - Pan Ron
Komchleay Ta Te - Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Pka Jump Pey Saw - Pan Ron & Sisamouth
Trorjeak Jet - Pan Ron & Sisamouth



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